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Tucson - Melee the Show

29-31 January 2024 | Melee the Show - Tucson, Arizona.
Excited to be writing this from the heart of the Arizona desert. I'm here showcasing my jewellery collection at the amazing Melee the Show in Tucson, Arizona alongside some incredible jewellers from around the world. 
At this time of year Tucson is alive with jewellery and gemstone buzz. There are several gem shows happening at the same time and lots of talks and seminars with some extraordinary things to explore; it’s an adventure.
My interest as always is learning more about the journey of my gemstones; understanding ethical supply chains and finding sapphires that are traceable as well as beautiful. Whilst I am here I will be looking for gemstones for new jewellery collections and bespoke projects in the pipeline - I am excited to see what I will find. Yesterday we browsed the Ethical Gem Fair for hours, listening to inspiring people who are passionate about making a difference in this industry.
We'll keep you updated as the trip continues, and I'll look forward to showing you the exciting treasures I have found on my return.
Emily x

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