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Aran tradition

The wild landscapes of the Aran Islands lie just off the west coast of Ireland, and are the home to just a few thousand people. But although small, the ever classic Aran sweater dwells from this remote archipelago - a knitted, practical style defined by its cables, diamonds, textured stitches and chevrons.

Tradition goes that the Aran sweater was first hand knitted for fisherman by their wives and mothers back home. Utilising the natural, undyed colour of the sheep’s wool, the off-white jumpers kept the fisherman warm at sea, and the natural oils in the wool made for excellent protection against the rain and elements.

Traditional aran jumper worn with ocean sapphire rings at Cape Cornwall shoot by Emily Nixon

With the traditional craft passed down from generation to generation, the Aran sweater today spans far further than Ireland, and has become a casual garment for the everyday. Dressed down with simple linen wide leg trousers, or grabbed quickly to warm up after an early morning dip, Emily’s Aran is certainly a staple that has too stood the test of time. Worn layered with sea-tangled rings and sapphires in a palette of ocean teals, together they are a quiet celebration of British made craft.

Emily Nixon wearing her traditional aran hand knitted jumper. Effortless everyday style with her sapphire seaweed ring designs.

Emily at Cape Cornwall in her favourite aran jumper.

Photography by Tor Harrison and Oliver Nixon

Words by Daisy Gray


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