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Handmade in our Cornwall studio | shipped worldwide

Christmas charm

To wish you a Happy Christmas and a lucky 2023, Emily has made these lovely little silver charms.

We'll pop one of these free charm gifts in with every order until 25th December.

A message from Emily:

"I made these little charms in the shape of lucky holed pebbles. There is such magical folklore behind hex stones, witch stones, hag stones or adder stones - stones with a naturally occurring hole. Stories of fishermen tying them to ropes and swinging them through the air to break up storms or the stone hung on a stable door to stop witches taking your pony for a midnight gallop! And if you wear one they are said to ward off ailments, a long shot but we can hope!  

So we are popping one in with every order up to Christmas - and wherever you hang yours, I hope a little luck comes your way..."

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

We have put together some favourites in our Christmas Edit, take a look here for present inspiration. 


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