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Colours of the coast

Clifftops, hedgerows and woodlands are pinging with colours that knock us sideways at this time of year. Beech and bluebells, campion and thrift, gorse and foxglove, bright buttercups, frothy stitchwort, cow parsley, sorrel - the native coastal flowers filling Cornwall's wild areas right now are breathtaking. 

It is this bright array that Emily has woven through her latest ‘Colours of the Coast’ collection of gemstone rings.

Emily’s approach to design is sculptural - she creates her ideas three dimensionally, moulding intricate shapes, often spontaneously, to reach a desired form. Selecting gemstones is an extension of this artful, non conventional approach - it is at this stage of her creative process that she begins 'painting' with sapphires and diamonds. Gemstones are picked, positioned, moved and arranged to reach a unique, unexpected, colour balance. That these minerals, millennia old, dug from deep in the ground, share the same tonal range as our native flora and fauna is a constant wonder.


So in her jewellery Emily constantly interprets nature - the colour combinations part of a memory she has held from a walk or sea swim. Fresh zingy contrasts, luscious teals and ocean greens of the sea bring her gemstone rings to life with an alternative colourful edge. 

Emily's ‘Colours of the Coast’ rings are alive with the intense, bright colours of early summer - celebratory and joyful. And we are sure Emily will be dipping into her Cornwall memory bank of colour again, the bright mood of summer is just beginning…

Words by Chloe Wild

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