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Emily's Seaweed Ribbon Designs

As Emily walks along the Cornish shore at dawn, she gathers her tools in the natural beauty around her. Her pieces are embedded with these found shapes and textures, both in inspiration and process. In the Seaweed Ribbon Collection, twisted coils of seaweed are transformed into ribbons of continuous gold, enveloping sparkling gemstones and natural sapphires. What began as her journey into making gemstone rings, is now one of her signature settings - an exploration of nature’s underwater world in form and colour. 

Emily Nixon Seaweed Ribbon Collection

Emily’s Seaweed Ribbon Collection draws inspiration from these intricate shapes - from undulating ribbons, fluid furls and winding twists. The shapes in these pieces, created and carved first in wax and then cast in gold, capture the rhythm and movement, as well as the irregularities and imperfections, of the ocean currents and Cornish shores.  

Pear Sapphire Tidal Bay Ring Emily Nixon

The intense ocean palette of the sapphires set amongst these gold strands and ribbons mirror the vibrant hues of the Cornish seaweed, and the cost itself. From the deep teals and rock pool greens of the Tidal Bay Ring and the green rock pool greens of the Sapphire Nori Ring, to the icy blue hues of the Cold Water Porth Ring, these pieces reflect the essence of the sea. 

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Meri Blue Sea Sorrell Sapphire Ring Emily Nixon


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