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Fancy Diamonds Collection

The irresistible colours found in natural fancy diamonds have inspired a very special, deeply organic ring collection.

Emily has recently been exploring the natural hues prevalent in fancy coloured diamonds. There’s something enchanting about their earthy colour palette – from rich cognac, oranges and burnt umbers, to rockpool greys and sea-weed-like taupe; all with a strong underwater feel and Cornish presence to them. 

Sunshine Adakite Engagement Ring Yellow Diamond Emily_Nixon

Adding the unusual forms of pear, marquise and cushion cut diamonds into her organic, raw ring settings adds another layer of nature’s inspiration. The designs in this collection epitomise Emily’s organic luxe aesthetic; understated, natural luxury at its finest.

If you would like to discuss a unique custom ring design using this distinctive colour palette please get in touch and we would be delighted to show you the selection we have available.

Click here to browse this special collection. 

Emily Nixon Jewellery, Natural Diamonds

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