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Exploring Fancy Diamonds

Diamonds feature often in Emily's pieces, and she recently received a parcel of fancy diamonds. Compared to white diamonds, which are colourless through light, fancy diamonds are naturally coloured diamonds which come in a variety of colours, including yellows, browns, reds, pinks, greens and blues and have overtones of different hues. 

In the showroom we now have a myriad of different hues of fancy diamonds, ranging from rich cognac, oranges and burnt umbers, to rockpool greys and sea-weed-like taupes. Whilst warmer in tones than Emily's usual selection of blue and green sapphires, these fancy diamonds all have a strong underwater feel and Cornish presence to them. 

Emily Nixon Jewellery, Fancy Natural Diamonds seaweed Colour palette

As opposed to the rounder shapes that often suit white diamonds, fancy diamonds lend themselves best to pear, marquise, square or cushion cuts, as these irregular shapes allow for a greater visual distinction of the different tones and saturation present in the stones. 

Whilst all fancy diamonds are rare, their value and rarity generally increase with the strength and purity of the colour of the stone. Although fancy diamonds tend to be found mostly as small stones weighing less than a carat, the larger and more vivid fancy colour diamonds are the most rare. 

Gemstone Ring Adakite East Emily Nixon Jewellery

Custom fancy cut engagement rings can be made using this distinctive colour palette and diamonds of all different shapes and sizes. If you would like to discuss a unique engagement ring using these rare diamonds please get in touch and we would be delighted to show you the selection of fancy diamonds we have available. 

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