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Inlaid Strata

This recent one-off, bespoke design was created for a client in platinum and 22ct yellow gold. Wanting something chunky with a mix of metals, comfort and lifelong wearability were essential.Emily moulded the ring first in wax, creating a rock worn surface with her unique beach found tools.  Forming its shape to be organically tactile, the ring has the weight and feel of a tumbled pebble, naturally worn and smoothed by the tide. 

On agreeing the wax formed model with the client, Emily went on to cast the ring in platinum. Once cast, the strata of 22ct yellow gold was inlaid into the chunkily cast rocky ring. Simple and organic, it was just what the client had hoped, a substantial yet effortlessly comfortable lifetime platinum and gold ring.

If you are interested in Emily’s Inlaid Strata designs please get in touch and she would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.

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