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Kelp inspired

Tree-like stems of seaweed hang above Emily’s work bench, the fleshy ribbons drying in coils. Kelp is a permanent fixture in the studio, it’s salty tang as familiar as the knock of metal coming from the workshop.

Emily has always loved the twisting, furling character of this tough plant, its anchored resilience a thing of wonder in the strong ocean currents. For more than fifteen years Emily has been playing with it’s unusual form, interpreting the irregularities of it’s habit in her designs. Below you can see examples of Emily's early experimental pieces using the technique of electroforming where metal was grown around the seaweed itself. 



Whilst her pieces have become more refined over the years, this strong willed plant has remained a constant source of inspiration, the seaweed settings she invented now a signature of her gemstone and engagement ring designs.


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