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Mitsuro Hikime

We are delighted to begin sharing stories from Emily's recent trip to Japan. This is a little snapshot of what is to come from her fascinating week spent exploring ideas in a place she considers an aesthetic homeland...

"At last, I’m fulfilling my life long dream of visiting Japan. Home to the traditional crafts and fashion icons I have always admired; I am here in this incredible country to learn and be inspired.

Wax modelling and the lost wax process is an ancient tradition of making that goes back thousands of years. I feel privileged to be here refining my skills using the Japanese wax modelling technique, Mitsuro Hikime, at the leading Mitsuro atelier in Tokyo.

Ancient aesthetic ideals are at the heart of everything Japanese, underpinning considerations of beauty and taste. The dried seaweed twists that hang over my bench, the swaying kelp under the waves where I swim, gnarled holdfast knots; irregularities and imperfections …although not classically beautiful, these are all things of great beauty to me.

I’m buzzing with ideas for future collections. It’s been a wonderful experience-thank you so much to everyone at @mitsurou.tomoyas."
Words by: Emily Nixon, December 2023. 


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