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Oaken Inspired

'thoughtfully produced for everyday wear' 

When Emily discovered the little boutique that is Oaken - tucked into a courtyard off one of Falmouth's oldest streets - she recognised an ethos she shared.

Beautiful, functional items and clothing crafted for quality, longevity and with sustainable origins, displayed with a unique, creative vibe.

Founder Eleanor Hughes is unwavering in her commitment to finding makers driven by the same vision - working only with mills towards small batch production, to make products that last, to produce organically with a quality that warrants infinite repair, to reclaim, recycle and ultimately to inspire a move away from fast fashion. 

Faded embroidered denim jacketAnd when you walk through the door of the little shop the simplicity of Eleanor's vision is palpable, you are surrounded by beautifully made garments, objects and accessories that you know will be with you for a lifetime.

So when Emily began planning an end of summer photoshoot their shared ethos was given a chance to come together. James Bannister, Emily's regular photographer was unavailable at the time so put her in touch with Tor Harrison - who also happened to be the photographer for Oaken. With an eye for simplicity, texture and abstract form, Tor was also the perfect fit for Emily's aesthetic.

In another quirk of serendipity the model (local artist and gardener Meredith Owen) favoured by Oaken - was also just who Emily had been looking for. 

It was a natural step to then connect with Eleanor at Oaken to talk about a collaboration for the styling. What followed was a wardrobe of beautiful garments for Emily's shoot, crafted in organic natural linens with a simplicity of style for everyday wear as promised by Oaken's forever vision.


We are so thankful to Eleanor from Oaken and to Tor and Meredith for the collaboration on a photoshoot that was inspired in every way. 

Photographer: Tor Harrison

Model (artist, gardener): Meredith Owen

Clothing: Oaken, High Street, Falmouth, Cornwall 

Jewellery: Emily Nixon

Location: Cape Cornwall


Words by Chloe Wild




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