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Introducing Pebble & Adakite

When Emily is walking along Cornish beaches, she can’t help but collect little piles of pebbles and stones. The varying facets of the juxtaposing organic curves and straight lines, continues to fascinate Emily and influence her jewellery making process.

In this latest collection of Pebble and Adakite rings, Emily explores these irregular and distinctive oval shapes further, finding new ways to represent their natural balancing act and how they fit together in nature. Emily's Pebble rings are arranged to be delightfully askew and distinctive in their tilting, organic formation - just like the pebbles that inspired it. 

Handmade Adakite sapphire ring, in refined 18ct yellow. Made in Cornwall

The balance between smaller irregular stones and a central perfectly cut sapphire, is a relationship that Emily explores in the Adakite collection. These designs are distinguished by a large, rocky central setting, offset by a stone on either side, characteristically irregular and as if naturally formed. Artfully tilted and off-kilter, the light catches these stones in unexpected ways. Each Adakite ring is one of a kind, determined by the unique beauty of the individually sourced, central natural sapphire.

Emily Nixon handmade adakite sapphire rings, made in Cornwall

The soundscape of these stones and pebbles has also provided a backdrop to Emily’s thinking when working on the designs for these pieces. From the shingling sound of pebbles being pulled back into the sea after water breaks on a beach, to the crackling sounds of footsteps on a pebbly shore, the natural soundscape of the shore has a strong influence on Emily's process. 

Stones and pebbles have been an integral part of the process from the very beginning. Acting as tools, Emily uses her favourite stones to model and shape the soft wax, creating natural and innate texture in the designs. Rather than embedding texture into the rings further in the process, it's integral to the designs from the start. 

Pebbles and stones on a Cornish beach

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Words by Valentina Concordia

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