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Planning walk

Some of the most inspired ideas happen when we are out in the elements, walking along the tide line, immersing ourselves in the touch point of everything that happens back in the studio. 

We had chosen our planning day well (the day before Storm Ciara!), clear blue sky and a perfect off shore wind holding the waves in perfect lines along the length of the bay. The Towans are minutes from the studio; three miles of perfect golden sand backed by dunes and a mecca for surfers (and us). 

What we were reminded of as we chatted about the year ahead was what brought us all to this point, doing what we love, in a place we love, with people we really like.

What was so lovely about our day out of the studio was the sense of coming together and appreciating the amazing things about what we do. It's good to realise that to do things well you don't always need to be hankering for more. Making beautiful pieces of jewellery incredibly well, that mean something to the people who choose to wear it, is the path that drives us.

We came away looking forward to what the year has in store, and we hope do too.

Blog by Chloe Wild 

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