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An extraordinary re-design

When Charlotte commissioned a piece of jewellery using her late Nana Joan's diamonds, Emily began a re-imagining project that was out of the ordinary.  The design she began sketching would contain all five diamonds, slotting together in a stack of three fabulous, intertwining forms. Ethically sourced sapphires, from Sri Lanka and Montana would inject an intense palette of the coast, embedded in furling seaweed settings. It was to be unique, colourful, flamboyant - the next family heirloom celebrating Nana Joan's love for jewellery.  

We caught up with Charlotte soon after she received her finished rings to find out if she was enjoying the finished result. 

Where did you first discover Emily's jewellery? My husband discovered Emily's jewellery on a trip to Cornwall and bought me a set of bangles, that I love. As frequent visitors to Cornwall, we love the place and Emily really captures the spirit of the sea and the coast, which attracted me to her style and approach. When I considered reimagining my jewellery she as an obvious first choice and I wasn't disappointed. 

What prompted you to think about a re-design? I had diamond jewellery that I never wore, it was just sat in a jewellery box and that felt so wasteful for such beautiful stones. 

Several of the diamonds were given to me by my late grandmother Nana Joan who had a real passion for jewellery and often re-designed her own pieces so she inspired me. It is wonderful to breathe new life into unworn jewellery and produce something new and unique to me, a ring that I know she would have absolutely loved. 

When you approached Emily to discuss the re-design did you have an idea of what you wanted? I had seen some of Emily's other pieces that I thought were stunning. I knew that I would love a mix of new stones set in gold, to compliment my diamonds with her signature sea inspired style. I also knew I wanted a statement piece, as I love bold design that stands out from the crowd. However, it was Emily who suggested the genius idea of a stack of three rings that fit together, versus one piece, this gives the ring versatility and additional comfort. She suggested a beautiful selection of sapphires that complimented my diamonds beautifully and these brought the whole piece together. 

How did you find the process - was it easy to visualise the end result? Despite the lockdown, the process was surprisingly easy and friendly from start to finish. I had a consultation with Emily where she made some design recommendations and we went from there. Transit of my stones and the finished piece was all straightforward and safe, and the ring was adorning my finger only a few weeks after my first consultation. I trusted that Emily would produce an incredible piece, I wanted to give her the creative licence to do her best work, she gave me a sense of the final design, but I trusted her to pick the right combination of stones and setting - as a result I was thrilled! 

And now you have your stack of rings - do they meet your expectations? My high expectations were exceeded -  I absolutely love my ring, it has received lots of compliments from family and friends.  It is truly special and will be a much loved and cherished possession. 

Thank you to Charlotte for sharing her experience of commissioning a re-design with Emily. We are so delighted she is pleased with the result and we loved seeing this snap she took whilst on holiday in Port Isaac just yesterday! 

If you have an unworn piece of gemstone jewellery and would like to find out what is involved to have it re-imagined please get in touch and we'd be delighted to chat through the next steps with you.  









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