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Rock Drawing Necklace

Tactile and intrinsically organic, Emily’s iconic necklace design is imprinted with the textures of stones and human touch. It falls in an irregular way, and can’t be organised - rather organises itself. 

Now a signature piece, Emily made her first Rock Drawing Necklace over 21 years ago. Sitting on a pebbled Cornish beach with her sons George and Oliver, and as ever inspired by the language of the coast, Emily had the idea to create a heavy, lasting sculptural chain.

Harking back to her early days designing sculptural textiles, Emily began using the art of wax casting, commonly used within sculpture but slowly lost within the art of jewellery making. By modelling soft wax around the contours and facets of pebbles and stones found along Cornwall’s beaches, she created links which describe in lines the shapes, forms and textures of the sea. 

This process created the first Rock Drawing Necklace, a piece that Emily still wears today. 

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Words by Valentina Concordia

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