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Sculptural Rings

When I made my first pieces, I wrapped pebbles and stones with beeswax. I wanted to capture their tide-worn shapes, and create pieces of jewellery that were unconventional, and organic, with a distinctive and creative character, but also a smooth and comfortable wearability.

In the almost twenty years since my first collection of pieces, the thought process behind my work hasn’t changed. I design my pieces to capture the raw, natural shapes of the sea, whilst remaining comfortable, and easy to wear. I often say it, but I love when my work is worn over many years - and slowly takes on a life of its own. It wears and ages, smooths and sits in a way that is totally unique to its owner - much like a pebble slowly getting rounded in the sea.

My collection of ‘sculptural rings’ has been an exciting opportunity to create designs that encompass this idea. They feature statement seaweed furls and twists, bold designs that make a statement but are made to be worn everyday and become apart of their wearer’s style. The ‘embrace rings’, with their furl of sea-worn gold - wrap your finger comfortably with a unique shape. Hand-crafted in my coastal studio in West Cornwall, and finished with a ‘sea-worn’ texture, they make a statement, and express creativity and a distinctive style, whilst remaining tough and wearable.

The collection of sculptural rings can be found here. 

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