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September Trunk Show

20th September 1pm-6pm

Private members club, Marylebone, London W1

Join us for the much anticipated launch of Emily's Sea Glitter Diamond Collection.

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We would love to welcome you to our private members club in Marylebone for the launch of Emily's very special Sea Glitter fine jewellery collection. Join us for a glass of fizz with friends; immerse yourself in an afternoon of glittering gemstones, try on jewellery from the complete collection or simply come to hear Emily chat about the ocean aesthetic that has shaped her work for more than twenty years.

Emma our resident gem specialist will have trays of natural sapphires and diamonds to show you, revealing differences in the sapphires and fancy diamonds Emily selects from her closest sources. 

Emily Nixon Sea Glitter Adakite Ring

Continually inspired by the movement, shapes and colours above and below the surface of the sea, in the Sea Glitter collection Emily has drawn inspiration from the dance of light on the ocean’s surface, encapsulating the magical interplay between light and water into pieces radiating with the light of the sea. 


Sea Glitter Emily Nixon

The smallest movements, from a swim stroke to the splash of a pebble, create this momentary glitter on the sea’s surface. This light, refracting on the water’s surface, feels so evocative of light shimmering and bouncing through a natural diamond. 


Cornwall Beach Sunset

With sunrise and sunset hours come warmer and more golden hues of a sparkling sea, captured in these pieces with their sunlit hues of fancy diamonds. The rare yellow fancy natural diamonds in these rings, enveloped in Emily’s hand crafted sea-worn settings, translate the magic of sea glitter into the epitome of organic luxury.

If you'd like to hear more about the inspiration behind each piece, or simply be immersed in Emily's jewellery in our beautiful and relaxed London private club for an afternoon make sure to book a spot at Emily’s September Jewellery Trunk Show here


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