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Spiralled Wrack

Emily’s designs are inextricably linked with nature and more specifically the sea. You’ll notice as you scroll through the collections, names are all connected too.

Corallina, Nori, Wentletrap, Alaria… are just some of the names Emily has given to her designs - all with distinctly coastal origins.

So, in an attempt to separate the Porphyras from the Palmatas and shed some light on where these names originated, we'll start with a design that has made a big impact recently - Emily's Spiralis Studs


'Spiralis' or Spiralled Wrack

Spiralis comes from the name of a common species of UK seaweed - Fucus Spiralis or Spiralled Wrack. It’s an olive-brown seaweed, found on rocky shores, just below the high water mark. It grows around 30-40cm long and has paired bulbous tips. This species doesn’t have air pockets, those round bubbles found further up the stems that are so satisfying to pop!

When dried the fronds curl into beautiful furls, the twisted forms that Emily works into many of her seaweed inspired settings, and as found in her irregular, organic shaped, Spiralis Studs.

Interestingly Spiral Wrack curls up to survive as it spends up to 90% of it’s time out of water!

Seaweeds are vital to the health of our planet. They are a fundamental part of the marine eco system - providing food and habitat. Seaweed also acts as a huge waste trap - capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen in the process (50-80% of oxygen produced on earth comes from the ocean).

We also think this amazing algae is exceptionally beautiful.

Please enquire here for more information about Emily's Spiralis Studs. And to find find out more about protecting our oceans visit the Marine Conservation Society

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