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Teija x Emily Nixon

This time last year, Emily was invited to collaborate on a special shoot with Cornwall based brand, TEIJA to launch their new collection. 

Teija Emily Nixon Collaboration

TEIJA is a designer collection based in Cornwall, known for its experimental cut and make, signature finishing and quirky construction, which transform practical pieces into luxury. Like Emily's designs, TEIJA pieces have a deeply unique structural character and individuality. The strong, bold aesthetic of both brands felt like a natural collaboration, and was brought to life in this beautiful shoot by Tor Harrison, who perfectly captured the structured and organic feel of TEIJA and Emily Nixon. 

Teija Emily Nixon

The shoot took place at Hendra, at the end of Praa sands, a beautiful Cornish beach chosen for its eroding backdrop of cliffs and rocks which served as a natural and bold backdrop for Teija’s strong silhouette and Emily’s structural pieces. The unique textures and patterns in its weathered cliffs, crevices and edges sculpted by the sea, interplay with their warm hues and golden tones, which range from deep oranges to fiery reds, adding richness to the looks and shots.

Emily Nixon Teija

Designer clothing and jewelry collection by Teija and Emiy NixonThe collection paired with Emily's beautiful designs is now live on their site. Browse the Hendra collection by fashion designer Teija Eilola here.

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