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Gorse Sea Tangle Ring


Colours of the coast path intertwine in this luxuriously unconventional design: teal pools, patches of buttery gorse and the light crest of a wave held in the sweeps and furls of Emily's artful seaweed settings.

This beautiful Gorse Sea Tangle Ring was created in Cornwall by Emily and cast in 18ct gold using the traditional lost wax process.

Please note, each and every Gorse Sea Tangle ring is unique, defined by the unique hues of natural sapphires. Please be aware the Sea Tangle ring you receive may differ very slightly to the one shown in the picture. 


  • Setting height:

  • 4mm - 5.2mm
  • Band width:

  • 2.5mm - 3.3mm
  • Metal:

  • Our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing: Ring cast from 100% refined recycled 18ct yellow gold/
  • Stone:

  • Our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing: Approx 1.2ct natural sapphires ethically sourced from Australia. 0.07-0.09ct brilliant cut natural white diamonds compliant with the Kimberley Certification Process.


Emily's Sea Tangle Ring is ready to send, please expect delivery in 4-7 days depending on whether we need to tweak the size for you. Please note the ring sent may differ slightly from teh ring photographed.

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