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Reimagining Jewels

7th & 8th August: Reimagining Jewels with Emily 

10am-2pm :  White's Warehouse, Foundry Square, Hayle, Cornwall, TR274HH

If you have an old ring tucked away in a jewellery box that you never wear then come along to our 'Reimagining Jewels' event at the studio to find out how Emily can transform granny's old ring into a beautiful bespoke design you will treasure forever. 

Emily recycles the metal and re-uses your gemstones, so you won't lose the sentimental value of your piece but rather add to its personal story. Bring along the piece you would like to be 'reimagined' and you can browse the treasures in Emily's collection, discuss ideas and we will give you an estimate to have your own piece 'reimagined'. 

Here is an example of a 'reimagined' piece Emily created for a client, using their own stones plus additions from Emily's own fabulous gemstone selection. 


Bring along your jewels and see what Emily can transform for you!

Welcome to our world...

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