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Thrift Fizz Give Away

Emily is recognised for her lavish use of ocean teal, rockpool green and sky blue sapphires. Colours of the sea are synonymous with the seaweed-like forms of her designs. Occasional hues of lemon or dusky pink can be seen, sprinkled with selective precision amongst the blues. 

The array of pinks in Emily's new Thrift Collection is then both beautiful and rare. Never before has she created a collection so dedicated to nature's hues of pink. 

Emily Nixon gemstone pink sapphire rings with natural pink sapphires and highlight diamonds.

Each palette of gemstones is approached as a painter considering a canvas, hues chosen to compliment and contrast. From delicate shell pink to earthy kelp red, Emily has chosen a sapphire palette to represent another aspect of our coastal colours. Thrift is central to the theme, its bobbing clifftop flower heads, a myriad of natural pinks from the palest blush to deep purple.

Emily Nixon gemstone pink sapphire earrings with natural pink sapphires and diamonds.  

In celebration of Emily's new sapphire 'Thrift Collection' of rings, earrings and necklaces, we are giving away a bottle of Polgoon Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé with every thrift inspired design between now and December 25th.

Locally grown, produced and bottled, fizzy and a delicate pink - we couldn't think of a more apt treat to go with our own pink sparkles.

Find Emily's 'Thrift Collection' designs in our New In page or by clicking the following links:

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